What to Know About Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank for The Winter

There has long been a debate among vehicle owners and drivers about whether keeping your vehicle's fuel tank on full or empty is a better choice. Both options have their benefits, so let's look at keeping it close to empty first.

With a nearly empty tank there is less weight since gasoline and diesel both have weight to them and so most drivers figure that since the overall weight the engine has to handle is less, it will get better fuel efficiency and then be more cost-effective.

That line of logic makes sense but here are some things to consider about keeping your tank on the emptier side of life. All of that empty space that is meant to be used by fuel will be taken up by air which has water vapors in it. Water vapors will gather on the walls of the tank causing rust or worse, getting into your fuel lines.

Make sure your vehicle gets the proper care it deserves, brings it in to Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Medford to make sure you're ready for this winter.

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