Durability a Key Feature of the Ram 1500

There is one reason the Ram 1500 excels in the light-duty pick-up truck market. This truck has durability features other trucks cannot rival.

When it comes to the frame strength of your truck, your vehicle must be made with superior steel or you will have difficulties hauling or towing heavy loads. This is not a concern with your Ram 1500 because it makes use of an eight cross-member support system that is made from 50,000 psi steel made to last.

Why are brakes important in the Ram 1500? If you're hauling a heavy load down a hill or on slick roads, you need the four-wheel disc antilock brakes to help to slow down the truck safely and still manage to keep you moving along with getting in trouble.

If you want to get inside the new Ram 1500, stop by Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Medford and take it for a test drive today.

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