The Ready-Alert Braking in the Ram 3500 pickup truck helps you maintain good control of a trailer that is loaded to maximum capacity. This innovative function prepares the braking system for situations that will likely require a lengthy stopping distance. For example, this heavy-duty truck will slow down automatically as it approaches a road with a downward slope, which may cause a dangerous acceleration.

Clients in Medford, OR should talk to Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Medford about the Ram 3500's axle specifications. The standard axle has a 3.73 ratio that is designed for normal driving, and an optional axle with a 4.10 ratio is highly recommended for carrying out the most demanding tasks. The axle in the front suspension system has a weight-bearing rating of 6,000 pounds. Additionally, the 3500 model can be equipped with an air suspension system that automatically levels itself in relation to the ground. The Bed Lowering setting allows you to load heavy items with more natural leverage.

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